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  • Writer's pictureBob Mancini

It's our Holiday Star Wars LEGO kits sweepstakes!

  • Writer's pictureBob Mancini

Updated: Nov 8

Staci M. is the winner of our LEGO Advent Calendar Sweepstakes. The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2023 is packed with fun characters and builds including Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a holiday tree, hockey player, a snowman, reindeer, ice sculpture and kitten. There are 258 pieces in all, and the set is recommended for ages 5+.

This winter, join us for LEGO & Minecraft Winter Break Camps starting December 26 in Cupertino, Palo Alto, and San Francisco. Plus, keep your eyes open for our Holiday Sweepstakes coming soon!

  • Writer's pictureBob Mancini

Ryan from Sacramento has won our sweepstakes contest for 2 LEGO Monster Truck kits - Gravedigger and Megalodon. Stay tuned for our next contest!

One of the prizes was the Technic Shark Monster Truck. Speaking of LEGO shark creations, take a look at a fun motorized shark car that students will make in one of our 2024 Summer Camps!

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