Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to explore our responses to frequently asked questions about our popular LEGO, robotics, and technology summer programs. If you still have a question or would like to talk with us, just give us a call at (650) 638-0500.

General Questions

What is TechKnowHow's teaching philosophy?

TechKnowHow classes are designed so that students can learn technology skills while engaged in interesting hands-on projects. Our goal is to have students learn how to do some amazing things with technology—all in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

What is the camper-teacher ratio?

The camper-teacher ratio for our camps is a max of 8:1. Many camps, such as online Minecraft camps, have smaller ratios, such as 5:1.

What types of students are the classes designed for?

If a student has a strong interest in the class content, there is a very strong likelihood that he/she will enjoy the class, regardless of his/her experience with specific technology (computers, LEGO® elements, etc.). We have found that interest, and not prior experience, is the key ingredient in ensuring a meaningful experience in our classes.

Will there be adult supervision throughout the day?

Yes! Our staff supervise the students throughout the day, both in class, as well as during the recess and lunch breaks.

Does each student have their own Computer/LEGO® components/building kit to work with?

For all camps, students receive their own building kits and computers to work on their projects.

Do students have any time for outdoor recreation?

Yes, we have a 20 minute recess break in the morning and another in the afternoon. During these times, students and staff go outside to eat snacks and participate in different recreation activities. In addition, if the student is staying full day, there is a half-hour lunch recess between classes.

Do you serve lunch or a snack?

No, please have each camper bring his/her own lunch, snacks and beverages.

Is there extended care supervision available?

Yes, the majority of our locations offer morning and afternoon extended care. Please visit the locations pages or check the daily schedule of each camp to determine if extended day hours are available.

Program Questions

What types of computers do students work with?

The students work with Windows-PC laptops, except in select classes where we also use Apple iPad®s.

Do students get to take home their computer work?

Yes, students take home the majority of their computer projects on a USB drive.

Do students get to take home their building projects?

Since we use our LEGO® & K'NEX® elements and electronics supplies in classes throughout the year, students do not take home the projects that they build in class. We can provide a list of affordable suppliers for parts, though, if your son/daughter wants to get pieces/kits used in our classes. Also, students in the camps for ages 5-9 do take home a camp t-shirt and some classes get a mini LEGO® building kit as well!

Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors are individuals who have a great interest and ability in teaching technology to students in an exciting way. Some are current school teachers or are involved in university programs, pursuing teaching credentials or secondary degrees in education or educational technology. Others are college students pursuing degrees in computer science. Many instructors have taught classes with us in previous summers and/or assist in developing curriculum during the school year. Each instructor is trained in teaching specific lessons involving the software and technology products in the courses. In addition, all instructors go through a criminal history background check through the California Department of Justice. To view a sample of instructors, click here.

What about the age ranges...will my child be too young or old compared to the rest of the class?

Our camper age ranges are determined based on our many years of experience as well as project testing with students. If your child falls in the suggested age or grade range and has interest in the topic, there is a strong likelihood that he/she will enjoy the camp. If your child is turning the correct age for a specific camp by September just following the summer, you may register your camper without requesting an age exemption request. Anyone who is too young for the camp and whose birthday is after September would not be a good fit for the camp due to the class content and age of other students. It is best to wait a year and/or enroll in a camp which fits the students' age. Furthermore, since most classes have multiple instructors, we may arrange the seating of students so that the students are grouped by age. In this way, one or more instructors will work with the younger students, while another works with the older ones in the class. The base projects, lessons and software used in a class are the same for all students; the older students' work, on average, may have more details, enhancements, and extras. You can call us to get the current mix of students by age in a specific class.

Are TechKnowHow® camps suitable for girls?

Yes, our camps are designed to be fun and educational for both boys and girls! The number of girls attending our camps has been growing each year, and we find that those enrolled have a great time and enjoy working on the featured projects. If you wish to find out the current mix of students by gender in a specific class, please give us a call. Also, we an all- girl camp called Girls Know Tech, for ages 7-10.

Registration Questions

Can I switch my child from one class to another?

Yes, please contact us at (650) 638-0500.

Will friends be together if they both sign up for the same class?

Yes, when registering online, please let us know if you wish students to be together, and we will ensure that they are in the same class and room.

Will I receive any confirmation after registering for camp?

Upon completion of registration, you will receive a confirmation email of your child’s enrollment. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk mail folder and add us to your "Safe List." You will also receive a reminder email 2-3 weeks before the camp start date with all camp details. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you do not receive these emails, or if you have any questions about camp.

What does it mean to be waitlisted?

Being waitlisted means your child is on a list to possibly get a spot in the desired camp. In order to get from the waitlist into the camp, an enrolled student must transfer out or cancel their registration. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you via phone. We do not increase the number of spots in a class due to a waitlist, since we want to maintain a camper-teacher ratio that is best for learning.

What is the Transfer and Cancellation policy?

Transfer & Cancellation Policy If you need to transfer to a different camp: ​​ In-person Camp to another In-Person Camp: Transfer at least 1 week prior to the start of your camp session, pending availability. In-person Camp to an Online Camp: Transfer at least 1 week prior to the start of your camp session, pending availability. Online Camp to another Online Camp: Transfer at least 1 week before the start of your camp session, pending availability. ​​ If you need to cancel: If you cancel prior to May 10, 2021, you will receive a full refund of your payment to the original payment method, less a $25 processing fee for each session canceled. The processing fee is $50 for the SF 3-week camps (covers fees kept by credit card company). If you cancel between May 10, 2021 and up to seven (7) business days prior to your camp start date, you will receive a credit voucher for each session purchased less a $25 processing fee for each session canceled, usable for any TechKnowHow offering through September 1, 2023 No credit or refunds will be provided if you cancel within seven (7) business days of your camp start date If TechKnowHow needs to cancel: If TechKnowHow cancels due to state, county or school health orders or mandate, you will receive a 90% refund to the original payment method and a 10% credit that can be used through September 1, 2023 If TechKnowHow cancels for any other reason, you can choose a 100% refund to the original payment method or a 100% credit that can be used through September 1, 2023 If TechKnowHow cancels in the middle of a weekly session due to state, county or school health orders or mandates, you will receive a prorated credit based on the number of days canceled in that week that can be used through September 1, 2023

Still have a question? We'd be more than happy to talk with you in person! Give us a call at (650) 638-0500.

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