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Here's a Unique Way for Your Child to Have a Great Birthday Party

Want something new for your child's next birthday party? If they love Minecraft, they will have a blast teaming up with friends for an online Minecraft Birthday Party!

These parties are unique fun adventures that we have created within the world of Minecraft for your child and their friends to play!

Everyone will work as a team to explore, build, solve puzzles, fight mobs, and make their way to the final boss. Throughout the adventure, they will meet interesting characters, gain custom loot/powerups, and uncover the secrets of their world.

We have two different party adventures to choose from -

Survival Island Party – Guests arrive on a mysterious island where previous adventurers have gone in search of the ender dragon. Upon landing, they will traverse the island in search of secrets and hints that lead to the ender dragon. This party is perfect for those who are not as familiar to Minecraft survival mode or want a more traditional easy-going experience Minecraft experience where the goal is to defeat the ender dragon.

Mystery of Atlantis – Guests are part of the Explorers Guild and are tasked with finding the lost city of Atlantis. The only way through is to collect the lost Relics of Atlantis. Each relic will grant the team powerful abilities like strength and speed boosts that will help them as they continue to search for Atlantis. Along the way, there will be many enemies blocking your path and they will also raid your settlement. You will need your team and the relics to get through them all. This party is ideal for those who are familiar with Minecraft and want a more difficult adventure with more battles.

At the end of each party, we will have an in-game birthday celebration with cake, cupcakes, and fireworks! For more information, please visit this page: Online Virtual Minecraft Birthday

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