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build a game controller with lego elements

Creating a LEGO controller to interact with a computer game is a fascinating blend of creativity and technology.  Students in our summer LEGO Minions camp for ages 5-8 get to experience this powerful use of technology.  

First, the students build a controller using LEGOs, a data transmitting hub and sensors.  LEGO's modular nature allows for versatile construction, enabling the joysticks and levers to mimic traditional gaming inputs.  Then, the controller’s hub is connected to a computer.  Students open a game in Scratch which has been created by TechKnowHow and built to communicate effectively with the controller.  

The result is a unique, hands-on gaming experience that combines the timeless fun of LEGO construction with the excitement of digital gameplay.  Campers can even customize the controller's appearance to their personal taste!  It’s a fun way to learn about connecting hardware with software and LEGO pieces with computers!

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