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Game Making

Ages 9-13


Are you a fan of Roblox? Have you ever wanted to create a game that your friends can all play? 

Join us to learn how to build your own worlds and games in Roblox®.  Teachers will help you develop your own challenging obstacle course, a 3D racing game, and a line runner.


You’ll learn how to navigate the Roblox interface, interact with 3D models, create models, generate terrain, and even learn about scripting using the Lua programming language.  Lua is a text-based programming language widely used to create a variety of mobile games. Join us as we create some awesome gaming worlds. 

This camp has two 10-minute breaks each day.

Requirements: Roblox Studio software (free) for PC or Mac (no Chromebooks or tablets).

Campers must also have Zoom open during camp.

Online Roblox Game Making - Summer 2022

June 13-17    9-12 PDT          Available
June 20-24    9-12 PDT          Available
June 27-July 1  9-12 PDT      Available
July 5-8 (Tu-F)  9-12 PDT         Available

July 11-15      9-12 PDT         Available 
July 18-22      9-12 PDT         Available 
July 25-29      9-12 PDT         Available 

August 1-5     9-12 PDT         Available 
August 8-12   9-12 PDT         Available 


$230/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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