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Coding Camp

Ages 10-17


Create sophisticated Python programs such as games with physics properties and interactive games with play against a computer.  Learn about object-oriented programming (OOP) through the use of classes.​ 


Projects include games such as lunar lander, brick-breaker, hangman and Pokemon-style, as well as encoder/decoder programs and more!​  You'll end the week by creating your own custom Python program or game.

Campers share ideas and questions with the teacher and classmates.  We'll also have some fun team-oriented games and activities, and interesting overviews and videos about coding.  Two 10-minute breaks daily.

Requirements:  Comfortable with typing (at least 20 words per minute)

Download a free version of Python 3.8.3 before camp.

WebCam and internet connection with Zoom

Online Intermediate Coding with Python -
Summer 2022

June 13-17    1-4 PDT          Available
June 20-24    1-4 PDT          Available
June 27-July 1  9-12 PDT     Available
July 5-8 (Tu-F)  1-4
PDT          Available
July 11-15      1-4 PDT          Available 
July 18-22      1-4 PDT          Available 
July 25-29      9-12 PDT        Available 

August 1-5     1-4 PDT          Available 
August 8-12   1-4
PDT          Available 

$230/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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