LEGO® Projects & Crafts      

Ages 5-8

 9 am - 3:30 pm

Calling all Pokemon fans!  Join us as we design motor-powered LEGO versions of your favorite Pokemon, from the friendly Eevie and Pikachu to the mischeivous Darmanitan, Froakie and more!  You’ll power all with motors and gears, and use your creatures in races, battles and other activities.

Next, we'll create LEGO and paper crafts to take home featuring favorite Pokemon.  You'll make paper characters and accessories such as Pikachu and Pokeball wristbands and use LEGO elements to fasten them into a 3d object.  Plus, end the day by cutting out special TechKnowHow Pokemon cards featuring our daily LEGO builds.

Camp also features outdoor recess times, teacher-led games, and LEGO engineering videos.

Be sure to bring your own lunch, snacks and beverage.

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