Winter Camps for Ages 5 - 9

Looking for a unique educational experience that will challenge and excite your child during winter break? Our camps teach students technology skills through fun, engaging and dynamic projects, many of which feature special LEGO® components, such as battery packs, motors and gears.

From robotics to game design, TechKnowHow camps provide supportive, teacher-led instruction followed by hands-on learning experiences that let students use technology in creative ways. Campers gain technical skills along with confidence as they explore, create and problem-solve.

All camps also include team-building, group games and recess activities to provide time for shared fun and a chance to get to know fellow campers.

"My child learned new building techniques and found a new passion for LEGO® motors and robotics."- Parent of a 1st grader at our Alameda camp

"My 9 year old daughter throroughly loved her week at the coding and robotics camp. She was so eager to show me what she worked on each day" - Parent of a 4th grader at our SF camp.

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Winter Camps 2018-2019

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Note that some classes are offered as a half day or full day option.
Ages 5 - 7 Robotics camps

Time Travelers - Ages 5 - 7

Fantastic Builds with LEGO® Motors!

Morning camp (9am-12pm) - Take a journey through time - past and future - as you construct fantastic motorized projects using LEGO® elements. Campers visit different time periods with the help of our imaginary time machine and build motor-powered projects for each destination. Build a prehistoric creature that moves, a futuristic hovercar, a friendly robot, and more! Each project teaches a different STEM skill, such as how gears increase speed and how electricity powers motors.

Ages 5 - 7 Robotics camps

SmartBuilders-Cool Coders - Ages 5 - 7

Remote-Control LEGO® Projects and Intro to Coding!

Afternoon camp (12:30-3:30pm) - LEGO® fans will build remote-control projects, and drive them over ramps and through obstacle courses. Campers construct projects which use special LEGO® elements such as an infrared receiver, motors, and gears. When done, students control their creations with an infrared remote and move them through fun settings to complete problem-solving challenges. Students create a snowmobile with treads, a helicopter-car, hopping creature, and more.

Campers will also work in pairs to program movement for Botley - one of the coolest new robots around.
Winter Tech Camps

Game Legends - Ages 7 - 9

LEGO® Robotics and Game Coding with Favorite Arcade Characters!

Learn robotics and engineering as you build characters and vehicles from popular games. Make and customize a motorized Mario kart, create and program a robotic Donkey Kong to get in and out of trouble, and design Solgaleo, a Pokemon lion which moves endlessly, changing directions as it reaches obstacles!

You'll also make computer games, while learning to program with Scratch®'s code blocks.

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