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Tinkering &
Robotics Lab

Gain Advanced Design & Engineering Skills

Ages 6-9

Power up your LEGO® engineering and robotics skills!  Learn the secrets of history’s top engineers and apply them to your own creative LEGO builds. 


We'll examine how machines work by first building mini-projects.  Then, during our Innovation Project time, you'll combine your new skills with your imagination to design your own LEGO marvels, from unique buildings to motorized vehicles and creatures!

Plus, learn robotics coding with a daily robot project and missions.

  • Teaches engineering skills that can be applied to custom LEGO projects

  • Explores the thought process of great engineers (DaVinci, Elon Musk, etc.) and incorporates it into camp projects

  • Focuses on students creating unique LEGO projects which solve problems

  • Teaches robotics programming skills

What's Special about this Camp?


Campers learn about key engineering concepts and mechanisms including spur, bevel and worm gears, gear trains, hinges, pulleys, electricity, motors, and more.  They apply the learning through building a treehouse with a pulley lift, an amusement park thrill ride, and motorized cars and animals.

Building & Engineering

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Students create custom projects which address a problem or improve performance. 

Students are encouraged and guided to be creative and innovative thinkers.

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Robotics Coding

Campers create programs which control the actions of the Codey Rocky robot.  Students learn about sensors, programming logic, and conditional actions as they code with Scratch blocks.


Campers have the option to team up during the afternoon problem-solving and innovation project time.  Teamwork improves communication skills and idea sharing.

Team Skills

Hours & tuition

Full day (9-3:30): $450/wk

Extended care is available at most locations, with an additional cost per week.  Click on the site below for hours.


Camp Schedule

Scroll down to explore our available weeks and locations for Summer 2020, or click to sort by region:

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