Minecraft Creators

featuring Hands-on LEGO and Computer Projects

Ages 7-9

Become a Minecraft creator and engineer.

Begin by building motor-powered and robotic LEGO® projects such as the Ender Dragon, a Minecraft Chicken, and a battling Wither Skeleton.


Then, dig into the Minecraft game, and

learn to build amazing worlds, water slides, and redstone circuits.  Plus, learn to code command blocks and try out over 50 special game tricks

and secrets!  

What's Special about this Camp?

  • Five original LEGO-based creations including  a Wither Skeleton, Ender Dragon, Minecraft Pig and the Chicken.  

  • Teaches engineering concepts as part of the building process.

  • Develops Minecraft skills and strategies through numerous design projects, including coding and logic flow.


Robotics Engineering & Coding

Campers explore robotics as they build Minecraft characters using WeDo 2.0 Robotics motors, hubs and sensors.  Then, they program the movements of robots, so students can see in a tangible way how their code creates action.


Campers learn how to power LEGO projects with an electric motor, battery pack and gears.  They learn the engineering to create movement for projects as well as advanced skills to design characters and vehicles.

Building & Engineering


Campers master Minecraft software as they make redstone circuits, command blocks, and learn over 50 secrets to building giant mobs, waterslides, defensive protection, zombie horses, roller coasters, flying pigs and more.

Minecraft Design & Coding Skills

Hours & Tuition

Full day (9-3:30): $450/wk.

Extended care is available at most locations, with an additional cost per week.  Click on the site below for hours.


Take Homes

Students take home a camp t-shirt and a special mini LEGO building kit.  


Camp Schedule

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