About Us

TechKnowHow® has been providing technology-focused classes for students since 1994 and we have loved every moment of it. Our offerings include summer and winter break programs, GATE classes, and school-year enrichment.

We are honored to have recently received the "Best Technology Camp" in Bay Area Parent Magazine and "Best LEGO® Camp" and "Best Science Technology and Digital Arts Summer Camps" in Parents' Press.

Our mission is simple - to have kids understand technology and get creative with it. We work hard to create a quality educational experience for all of our students. We design original curriculum and test it out with students in the fall and winter to ensure age-appropriateness and interest. We then hire teachers who have a love for educating students as well as the technical and management skills for the class that they will be leading.

Our Teaching Philosophy

TechKnowHow® classes are designed so that students can learn technology skills while engaged in interesting projects. Classes feature high-interest, age-appropriate projects which teach technology and science skills based on the STEM curriculum.

We begin classes with a quick overview of concepts, then students get started on their projects. Teachers engage with students while they are working on their projects, assisting them and answering questions. At appropriate stages of the project, students test the performance of what they've created, interacting with other campers and the teachers in the process.

Each day, the students learn new skills and solidify ones learned earlier in the camp -- all in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Our Team

TechKnowHow? CEO

Bob Mancini - CEO

Bob started TechKnowHow in 1994 so that students could explore and use technology in interesting ways. First through creative classroom projects, and then through afterschool enrichment and summer programs, Bob found ways for students to combine technology with their creativity and higher-level thinking, such as visual programming for elementary schoolers. He designed and taught the courses over the first ten years and continues to oversee the development of our program curriculum.

Bob graduated from UCLA, has a Masters in Science from Carnegie-Mellon (MSIA) and a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate.

TechKnowHow Area Manager

Miguel Rivera- Curriculum Development Manager

Miguel designs the curriculum for most of our weekly camps including our coding and robotics classes. He is a graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Miguel has taught many camps for TechKnowHow and is passionate about passing on the skills that he has learned to students. Miguel is excited about programming, gaming, and game development/design, so his position is a perfect fit!

TechKnowHow? Operations Manager

Reba Phillips- Area Manager/Curriculum Developer

Reba assists in curriculum development and training of TechKnowHow staff during the year. Throughout the summer she oversees several sites on the Peninsula, aiding any camp needs while ensuring a positive camp experience for all.

Reba has been in education for 10 years developing supplementary learning programs for underserved youth in the Bay Area.

TechKnowHow? Curriculum Developer

Allie Rosen - Curriculum Developer

Allie is an engineering and film student at Lafayette College. He is an amazing LEGO and K’NEX designer, having spent much of his childhood creating unique contraptions and Star Wars vehicles. Allie likes to apply innovative mechanical engineering to his builds, including his virtual Minecraft worlds. Allie has been a TechKnowHow instructor for many years in addition to his role assisting with curriculum projects.

TechKnowHow? Markerting  Manager

Edgar Ruiz - Marketing and Website Manager

Edgar handles the marketing for TechKnowHow®, which includes maintaining the website, engaging parents on social media, preparing advertisements for both print and web, and designing brocures and other collateral.

Edgar earned his B.A. in Communication Design, with an emphasis in Graphic Design from California State University, Chico. Edgar enjoys technology, art and design, and gaming.

TechKnowHow? Director

Sara Robertson - Human Resources

Sara has been with TechKnowHow since 2016, overseeing Human Resources and Accounting. She is often the first contact a future employee will have with TechKnowHow. Sara enjoys talking with the candidates and finding the perfect job for them. She worked previously as the Chief Operating Officer of the American Heart Association in the Western States. In that role, Sara oversaw Human Resources, IT, Finance, Research, Facilities and the Legal Departments. Sara has a heart for education and tutors in her free time.

TechKnowHow? Area Manager

Jessica Gonzalez - Area Manager

Jessica G. is an Area Manager for TechKnowHow®, helping students and teachers when needed and building strong relationships with teachers, parents and campers.

During the school year, she is a high school English teacher and has received an Award for Excellence in teaching. She's also the girls soccer coach for the school. Jessica is passionate about playing soccer, hiking, working out and reading. She loves enlightening children's minds and says, "Nothing is more rewarding than giving students the tools to cultivate their own knowledge." Jessica has been working with TechKnowHow® for 6 summers.

TechKnowHow Enrichment Program Manager

Cheri Miller - Registrations and Customer Care Specialist

Cheri helps parents with registration and camp questions, and prepares the paperwork and supplies for our programs. She goes the extra mile to ensure that parent and student requests are accommodated. Cheri is an advocate of theater arts and social justice, participating in programs with A.C.T. and TheatreFirst.