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Summer Camps for Ages 10-16

Students gain skills and confidence as they build and program robots, and learn coding languages in these fun and challenging camps!

  • Build and program unique LEGO® EV3 robots 

  • Game coding with Scratch

  • Team First LEGO League-type challenges

  • Create a MakerSpace electronic craft

  • Learn Python programming language by coding over 20 projects

  • Learn Computer Science fundamentals including use of functions, variables, loops. lists and conditionals

  • Create games in Python

  • Program a Codey Rocky robot's actions in Python

  • Create sophisticated Python programs inc. games with physics 

  • Learn about object-oriented programming through the use of classes

  • Use the Pygame module to build games

  • Design a game app with the Lua scripting language

  • Learn Java programming in a fun, understandable, step-by-step way

  • Use the Java-based Processing® language to code games, graphics, and animations

  • Use code to program actions for the Arduino®-based Wink robot.  

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