Ages 6-9

 9 am - 3:30 pm

Join other LEGO fans in learning new design techniques and creating your own LEGO masterpieces.  We'll begin with daily motor-powered projects in the morning featuring fun animals, Star Wars spacecraft and Mandalorian characters, Mario Kart racers, Superheroes and more!  These projects teach how to use LEGO Technic electric components, gears, and wheel-and-axle systems.

We'll also work on LEGO challenges which build your engineering and problem-solving skills.  Engineer structures and machines to keep residents of Disaster Island safe, and explore robotics using LEGO WeDo where you use block coding to control LEGO builds such as elevators, amusement park rides and horses.

You'll also learn how to make video games by coding with Scratch, the world's most popular introductory programming software.  Games range from a cat skiing game to a dungeon escape game and a two-player pong game.  Scratch uses code blocks to easily control all the elements of your games - from character movement to score-keeping.  Take home your games to play on a PC or Mac.

Camp also features outdoor recess times, teacher-led games, and LEGO engineering videos.

Be sure to bring your own lunch, snacks and beverage.

Girl coding game with Scratch

Code with

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