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Roblox & Minecraft - Game Design & Mods

Ages 9-13

 9 am - 3:30 pm

Create immersive 3D-worlds and games for all your friends to play using Roblox Studio and Blockbench 3D Modder for Minecraft.


In Roblox, learn how to create your own terrain, build 3D models, create NPCs with dialogue, create scoreboards, and even learn to code using Lua! Lua is a popular programming language that is used in a variety of applications like mobile gaming.  We will cover basic concepts like variables, conditionals, functions, and event handling.  Complete a variety of projects to hone skills including a custom-built obby and racing track. Once completed, these games can be published on Roblox and played with friends online!

In the afternoon, students will learn to use Blockbench to make mods for Minecraft Bedrock edition! We will use 3D modeling and coding techniques to modify and create mobs with the Bedrock Entity Wizard in Blockbench. They will learn to create a Penguin, Butterfly, Pirate Captain, and more!  After completing the class, your child can take home what they made over the week and will have the skills to customize their own adventure at home!


Bring lunch, snacks and beverage daily. 

SF & Peninsula Camps - Summer 2022
McKinley School
701 Paloma Ave.

July 18-23          Completed
August 1-5          Full

South Bay Camps
Campbell Community Center
1 West Campbell Ave.

June 27-July 1   Completed
July 25-29          Completed

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