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Preparing for a TechKnowHow Minecraft Birthday Party

Complete these 4 steps so that your child will be able to enter the Birthday Party Minecraft realm.  Typical time to complete all steps: 15 minutes.  

  • Create an Xbox Live Account at We STRONGLY recommend that you make an account for yourself and let your child use it for the birthday party. 

  • Sign into Minecraft using your Xbox Live Account

  • Join Test Realm using realm code: TkH-XV2xgfw  Note that the code is case-sensitive.

  • Send an email to your party host as soon as possible that contains your gamertag (Xbox username), your child’s name, and the device they will be using

You can view detailed instructions below or click to see video instructions.


Video of Step-by-step Instructions.  Be sure to read the instructions above as you view the video.

The video shows the steps described in the written instructions on this page.

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