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Here are the supplies you will need for the online Summer Camps


LEGO Camps:

2-3 shoe boxes full of LEGOs

We'll use common LEGO elements found in most kits with plenty of bricks, slope bricks, and plates.

Campers are not expected to build the exact model being built by the teachers - the nature of the camps is for students to be creative designers using parts that they have.

See the pictures below for common parts we will use in our projects.

If you want to get more LEGOs, see some recommended kits below.

If you want more LEGO pieces,

you can purchase either of these kits:

LEGO Classic Kit 10698  or  LEGO Classic Kit 11005 

If you want some hinge pieces for flexible poses,

either of these $20 kits has plenty:

     LEGO Fire Dragon 31102 or LEGO Underwater Robot 31090  

Minecraft and Coding Camps

Scratch Camps

(SuperHeroes Games, Girls Camp, Coding w. Scratch)

      Scratch Version 3 - Download free from here

Python Camps

      Python Version 3.8+ - Download free from here

Java Camp

      Processing Version 3+ - Download free from here

Minecraft Camp

  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition Version (latest 1.14.60+) for Windows PC​, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile/Tablet.  Note that Minecraft for Mac will not work for the team-oriented nature of online camp.

  • XBoxLive Account - Free account created on

  • Note that consoles (e.g. xbox) require a subscription service to play multi-player games online

  • WebCam and internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

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