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with Redstone & 
Command Blocks

Ages 7-12


Don't miss out on a week long creative Minecraft experience!   This class is made for experienced Minecraft players with a thirst to learn about Minecraft's more intricate and expansive engineering and programming elements!


Instructors will guide students through various examples of Minecraft's immersive Command Block language and robust Redstone engineering abilities to create a foundation for better building! Learn to create custom crafting tables, terrain altering mobs, command based ice boat racetracks, and so much more- all within Minecraft Bedrock edition. 


After the creative builds of the day, all students will join the instructor in a Minecraft Realm - a collaborative multiplayer space tailored to your child's wants and needs. In multiplayer, instructors will lead their students in exploration and experimentation to learn about Minecraft's survival, engineering, and programming elements. 


Must have Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Get a free XBoxLive account at needed to enter multi-player world. Campers must also have Zoom open during camp.

Prerequisite - Campers must know how to play Minecraft, be able to move, mine, and create objects. 

Players must have the Minecraft Bedrock edition found on PCs, tablets (e.g. iPad), Xbox, PS 4 and 5, & Switch. 

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Online Minecraft Redstone & Command Block Engineers - Summer 2022

June 6-10      9-12 PDT         Available
June 13-17    1-4pm PDT      Available
June 20-24    9-12 PDT         Available
June 27 - July 1  1-4pm PDT Available
July 5-8 (Tu-F)  9-12 PDT         Available

July 11-15      9-12 PDT         Available 
July 18-22      9-12 PDT         Available 
July 25-29      1-4pm PDT      Available 

August 1-5     9-12 PDT         Available 
August 8-12   9-12 PDT         Available 


$230/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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