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Castle Quest

Ages 7-12


In this exclusive Minecraft adventure, campers will team up to tackle the magical world of Castle Quest.

Castle Quest is a story based role-playing action adventure within a custom Minecraft world where students will harness the magical powers of the mystical Runes to stop evil Evokers from destroying the land. Adventurers will delve into dungeons, face chaotic raids on their village, and learn over a dozen new magical powers they can unlock in the game.


This Survival mode camp is best for those who are ready to experience Minecraft in a whole new way. 

The teacher will be there to guide and help the team to successfully complete their missions. Instruction will focus on teambuilding, cooperation, and problem-solving, as well as the development of Minecraft knowledge and skills.  Two 10-minute breaks each day.

Prerequisite - Campers must know how to play Minecraft, be able to move, mine, and create objects. 

Players must have the Minecraft Bedrock edition found on PCs, tablets (e.g. iPad), Xbox, PS 4 and 5, & Switch. 

Online Castle Quest Minecraft Camps
Summer 2022 Schedule

June 13-17   9-12 PDT         Available
June 27-July 1  9-12 PDT    Available
July 5-8 (Tu-F)  9-12 PDT        Available

July 11-15     9-12 PDT        Available 
July 18-22     9-12 PDT        Available 
July 25-29     1-4pm PDT
August 1-5    9-12 PDT        Available 
August 8-12  9-12 PDT        Available 


$230/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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