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Atlantis Adventure

Ages 7-12


In this unique Minecraft adventure, students will take the role of explorers to locate Atlantis and use its powers to save the city from ruin.

Campers begin on a lush island where they work together to fend off pirate raiders, gather resources, solve puzzles, and earn power ups.  Then, it's time to battle the mob from the Abyss, and learn of Atlantis’s true influence on the Minecraft world- from the Overworld to the End!

This Survival experience is meant for campers who want to take the Minecraft adventure to the next level.

Prerequisite - Campers must know how to play Minecraft, be able to move, mine, and create objects. 

Players must have the Minecraft Bedrock edition found on PCs, tablets (e.g. iPad), Xbox, PS 4 and 5, & Switch. 

Online Atlantis Adventure Camps - Summer 2022

June 13-17   1-4pm PDT         Available
June 20-24   9-12 PDT            Available
June 20-24  1-4pm PDT      Available
June 27-July 1  1-4pm PDT     Available
July 5-8 (Tu-F) 1-4pm PDT          Available

July 11-15     1-4pm PDT         Available 
July 18-22     1-4pm PDT         Available 
July 25-29    
 9-12 PDT            Available 
August 1-5    1-4pm PDT         Available 
August 8-12  
1-4pm PDT         Available 

$230/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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