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Online LEGO®

Ages 5-8


In a galaxy far, far away... a fun LEGO building adventure begins.  Get ready to build all things related to Space travel and adventures.


We'll build a launch center and rocketship, Mars rover and satellite station, along with star craft and aliens!  Plus, we'll build Star Wars favorites, from the X-wing and Lansepeeder to Chewbacca, Stormtroopers, and Boba Fett!

We’ll build these creations and more with the LEGO elements you have at home. Learn how to design and construct each project and add some fun details to fine-tune your creations. 

Kids build projects within a Zoom small group, interacting with the teacher and each other, getting a chance to show what they build, and talk about their creations.  It’s a great social and creative experience for LEGO builders. 

All attendees have a chance to think creatively, learn new building techniques, and share with a community of builders who love LEGOs! 


Have your LEGO supplies sorted and ready to use.   

2-3 shoeboxes full of LEGOs is recommended


Online LEGO Space Journeys - Summer 2022

June 6-10    12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available
July 5-8       12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available

August 1-5  12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available

$160/wk. July 5-8 (Tu-F)

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