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LEGO® Masters Camp

Ages 7-12


Join other LEGO fans in learning new design techniques and creating your own LEGO masterpieces.  Begins with a teacher-led workshop daily  covering building and design techniques.  Then, you’ll be presented with a mystery project to build, just like the TV show, LEGO Masters.   The atmosphere is encouraging and fun.

Our teacher will provide some tips, and then you have 30 minutes to create your masterpiece using the LEGOs you have at home.  At the end of the session, everyone presents their creation, and the students will privately vote for the project they like the most.   All attendees have a chance to think creatively, build efficiently, present to others, and share with a community of builders who love LEGOs!  2-3 mystery challenges each day!


Have your LEGO supplies sorted and ready to use.

Be comfortable designing without instructions, and sharing your design with others.

Online LEGO Masters - Summer 2022

June 13-17   12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available
June 27-31   12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available
July 11-15    12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available
July 25-29 
   12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available
August 8-12
 12:30-2:30pm PDT  Available


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