Minecraft & Game Making 

Ages 7-12

 9 am - 3:30 pm

Take your Minecraft skills to the next level. 

Build interesting Redstone and

Command Block projects including:

  • Pirate Ship with fireworks

  • TNT Launcher and Zombie Detector

  • Super Pigs

  • Spells and Runes

  • Automatic Farming Circuits

  • Archery Games

  • Sword Enchantments

  • Endless Zombie Rooms

command block.jpg

You will also your own Minecraft-themed games using Scratch including Escape the Nether, Mob Fighter, and more!

You'll learn all about coding as you design the games using drag-and-drop code blocks in Scratch, the best intro programming software.

Camp also features outdoor recess times,

teacher-led games, and Minecraft design videos.

Be sure to bring your own lunch,

snacks and beverage.

Prerequisite - You must have Minecraft experience and be ready to build projects with redstone and command blocks.


Plus Make Minecraft-themed Games with


Camp Schedule

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