Summer 2021

Covid Safety Plan


Welcome Back!

In-Person 2021 Summer Camps 

We look forward to once again leading students on summer tech explorations - keeping safety as our top priority.  We have designed a safe camp environment based on current youth program requirements in each of the Bay Area counties.  If any requirements change in the upcoming months, we will adjust our practices to match these mandates.

Program Cohorts

  • Children will be organized into cohorts as mandated by the county health department.

  • Cohorts will be supervised by two consistent staff members.

  • Campers will have computer and LEGO supplies which are not shared with others during the week/session.  Supplies are disinfected daily and at the end of the week.

Camper & Staff Screening

  • Campers and staff complete daily health screenings before being admitted to camp.

  • Throughout the day, our staff will monitor children to make sure they do not develop symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone demonstrating a fever, repeated coughing and/or any symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home and asked to consult with their healthcare provider to determine the need for COVID-19 testing.


Masks & Social Distancing

  • All staff and participants are required to wear face masks, except when eating and drinking.

  • Face masks must be properly worn, covering both the nose and mouth.

  • All individuals at camp must maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance between them, except to provide developmentally appropriate support or supervision (for example, a staffer applying first aid)


Handwashing & Sanitizing

  • Campers and staff will practice frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing including before and after snack and lunch, restroom breaks, etc.

  • Staff will sanitize high-touch surfaces as well as student supplies before each day of camp.

Reducing Contact Situations

  • Campers are asked to bring their own lunch, snacks and beverages.

  • Campers are dropped off in the camp parking lot, where a teacher will check-in the student.  Parents and guardians cannot enter the classroom.

  • Campers will not be permitted to use playground equipment but will have outdoor recreation supervised by the teachers.

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