Online LEGO Design

and Engineering 


Our online sessions are building workshops where the teachers lead students in design and engineering projects using the LEGO elements they have at home.


Each 3-hr. camp involves at least 3 builds daily for a particular theme, such as outer space missions, animal adventures, Minecraft worlds, Super Hero rescues and more. 

One day in the Space Journeys camp, for example, 

will have students building a Mars exploration scene, with a rover, excavator mech, robots, aliens and speeders. 

A teacher explains each project to work on, sharing design ideas and suggesting components to use, and then everyone works on their project.  The teacher walks campers through one possible build so that  students gain ideas & building techniques, yet campers build their own custom creation based on their creativity and part supply.  The teachers see what each camper is building and offer help and suggestions. 

Click here for suggested LEGO parts to have at home.

A typical camp features 2 teachers leading up to 20 campers.


Camps are a collaborative workshop experience where LEGO enthusiasts share ideas and designs so we all become better builders and more thoughtful creators.

Over 100 design challenges are included in the summer workshops.

Here are a few.

Can you design a fish with fins that move?

Can you design your favorite Pixar character with LEGO elements?

Can you design a rover that can probe the soil on Mars?

Let's create a Minecraft character that can stand, "walk" or sit!

Can you design a trophy to give to someone to show how special you think they are?

Let's create a couple of strange-looking aliens and then describe their appearance and behavior.

Half-day LEGO Design and Engineering Camps!

LEGO Animal & Vehicle Adventures

Ages 5-8 • 9am-12pm PDT


LEGO Tinkering Lab

Ages 6-9 • 9am-12pm PDT

Minecraft Creators

(LEGO Builds)

Ages 5-9 • 9am-12pm PDT

LEGO Space Journeys

Ages 5-8 • 1-4 pm PDT

LEGO Magic Park Imagineering

Ages 5-9 • 1-4 pm PDT

Heroes Academy

(LEGO Design & Engineering)

Ages 6-9 • 9am-12pm PDT

Girls Camp

(LEGO Design & Engineering)

Ages 6-10 • 9am-12pm PDT

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