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Minecraft Online
Birthday Parties


A friendly TechKnowHow Party Host guides the

party goers on a fun Minecraft adventure. 

Build, create, play, and have a great time together.

  • 2 - 2.5 hour party 

  • Up to 8 guests join in a memorable online party experience.  (Guests are limited to 8 due to the max allowed in a Minecraft Realm).

  • Party goers will engage with each other and have a great time!  Guests have Zoom open for interaction as well as Minecraft, often on separate devices.

  • Cost: $295

Minecraft team.PNG
  • Requires Minecraft Bedrock edition, found on Windows 10, iPad and Android devices, xBox, and Switch.  The Minecraft realm used will not work with Macs, PS 4/5, or Java editions.


We're not currently scheduling
Minecraft Birthday Parties!

Partygoers Team up to Explore, Mine & Defeat the Ender Dragon!

Minecraft_Birthday_no text.jpg

Your Adventure Host welcomes party goers to Survival Island,

a custom Minecraft world full of mysteries, puzzles, and the

Ender Dragon! 

Survival Island is a magical place where your group will work together to collect resources, solve challenges, and defeat the powerful Ender Dragon!  Our host will be there to guide and help your party successfully complete its mission.

Party attendees should know how to play Minecraft - be able to move, mine, and create objects.  Players need to use Minecraft Bedrock edition found on PCs, tablets (e.g. iPad), Xbox & Switch. 


Guests arrive on the ship, Voyager,

where we'll give the guest of honor birthday greetings and then explore the ship for supplies

Next, we'll team up to build our shelter, create a farm, and start mining! 

The island is full of adventure and wonders!  Pillagers crawl all over the island to protect something, and you need to find out what it is!

When everyone is ready, we will face

the Ender Dragon.  We'll need the right equipment, smarts, teamwork and a little luck to defeat it and make our birthday adventure a success!  


Celebrate at the Minecraft Party Island!

We will celebrate our successful  adventure and honor our special birthday guest! Find the Birthday Cupcake and make your way to it for the big finale! 


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