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Whether your child is interested in exploring how to code with Scratch or
wants to create games with Python or Java, our teachers love coding and want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students, ages 7-17.

Our classes feature TechKnowHow's award-winning curriculum! 
(We received 7 San Francisco Bay Area Parent awards in 2020,
including Best Tech Camp.)
Now in our 27th year of providing innovative classes for students!

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Intro to Coding with Scratch

Ages 7-11  •  Small group (max 8)

Do you want to make your own computer games guided by game and coding enthusiasts? 

We'll use Scratch 3.0,  the world's most popular beginning programming language, to make a variety of games, including an arcade breakout game and a diner dash style game.

We’ll be covering important Scratch concepts like movement, costumes, sounds, backdrops, and cloning. By the end of the class, you’ll not only have learned enough to build your own Scratch games, but you will also have learned important programming concepts such as variables, conditional statements, and loops that will help you with any future coding you do!

Week-long camps

Intermediate Scratch

Ages 7-11  •  Small group (max 8)

Are you ready to learn more game coding skills with Scratch? 

This intermediate-level class creates larger games with more complex game logic such as gravity simulation, high-score systems, switching between game states, room switching, and more.  Games include an Infinite Runner game and a Pokemon-Go style game.  Additionally, you’ll learn about lists and functions inside of Scratch, two very important programming concepts.

Join us to take your Scratch skills to the next level!

Week-long camps

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boy with laptop in TechKnowHow Python camp

Intro to Coding with Python

Learn coding in a small group led by a Computer Science specialist with a passion for teaching programming.  Our teacher guides students

step-by-step through projects which teach how to use the most important constructs of the Python® language, including variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and lists. 

The projects are fun and interactive - make your own Ice Storm Adventure and Pokemon games, art, computer chat, and calculators.

The best thing is that the teacher takes the time to break down concepts and explain them in depth so that students can better understand the code.  The teacher provides sample code to type in and try yourself, then gives you coding challenges and concept checks to make sure you are learning. 


Ages 10-17  •  Small group 

Week-long camps

girl typing in TechKnowHow Python camp

Intermediate Python

Take your coding skills to the next level with Intermediate Python. You'll create projects which teach about Boolean logic, 2d arrays, coding probabilities into games, and more!​ Code games such as interactive tic-tac-toe, dragon battle, mad-lib and trivia quizzes. ​Students share questions and engage in discussions with the teacher and classmates. 

Topics covered include conditional statements,

user input, for loops, while loops, lists, declaring functions, 2D arrays, classes, tuples, Object-Oriented Design, collision detection, key binding, and making a computer opponent.


Prerequisite: Completion of an intro Python class, Type at least 20 words per minute


Ages 10-17  •  Small group 

Week-long camps


Roblox Game Making

Are you a fan of Roblox? Have you ever wanted to create a game that your friends can all play?

Join us to learn how to build your own worlds and games in Roblox®.  Teachers guide you as you develop your own challenging obstacle course,

a 3D racing game, and a line runner.

You’ll learn how to navigate the Roblox interface, interact with 3D models, create models, generate terrain, and even learn about scripting.

Join us this winter break as we create some awesome gaming worlds. Requires: Roblox Studio software (free) for PC or Mac (no Chromebooks or tablets). 


Ages 9-13  •  Small group 


We've been teaching tech to students for 27 years!

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