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Minecraft &



Ages 7-12

 9 am - 3:30 pm

Explore Robotics & Tech in this 3 week session full of fun and educational adventures.


Robotics: Get ready to design, build, and program robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 sets!  Campers create a variety of robots which use motors, sensors and mechanisms. Then, students program the movements and display of each robot, so they can see in a tangible way how their code creates action.  Projects include a robot dog, a line-follower, a walking quadruped, and an animatronic arm.  Code blocks are used and include loops and if-then conditionals.


Minecraft: Dig into the Minecraft game, and

learn to build amazing worlds, water slides, redstone circuits, lava pit traps, dancing armor stands, and much more.  Plus, learn to code command blocks and try out special game tricks and secrets!  

Coding: We'll develop coding skills while designing video games with Scratch.  You'll design an escape game, a runner game, and an augmented reality game. Learn game logic such as gravity simulation, high-score systems, switching between game states, and room switching.  

Camp also features outdoor recess times, teacher-led games, and engineering/coding videos.

Be sure to bring your own lunch, snacks and beverage.

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