Zoo Zanimals Ages 5-7
12:30-3:30 pm

This is a 2017 summer camp.
2018 summer camps will be updated in January 2018.

Animals and LEGO® bricks --- who doesn't love them both? Have you ever wanted to use LEGO® elements to build a bird with wings that flap? How about making a dog and make it move? In this camp, you'll learn all the secrets of animal building using LEGO® motors, gears, pulleys, battery packs, and special design parts such as sloped bricks.

Some creatures you'll build include a dog, a friendly alligator, hippo, woodpecker, and a ranger jeep to help visit our animal friends. You'll learn about gears, pulleys, hinges and other mechanisms that move LEGO creations, from opening a mouth to flapping wings to zooming around the classroom. You'll also learn interesting biology and habitat facts about the fascinating animals that we build.

Bring your own ideas so that you can build your own LEGO animal as well!

In this camp, students learn:
  • To design animals with moving parts
  • How motors work
  • How pulleys can transfer motion from one point to another
  • How gears can increase or decrease speed and power (torque)

What Parents Are Saying –

Robotics ages 5 - 7

Camp Hours and Daily Schedule

  • 12:30-12:45 Project overview, discussion and team-building
  • 12:45-2:10 Build and test projects
  • 2:10-2:30 Outdoor recess (campers bring snacks)
  • 2:30-3:15 Build, customize, test, and play with creations
  • 3:15-3:30 Clean-up & review
If desiring a full day camp (9-3:30) this class can be taken with the Robot Adventures class, which includes a supervised lunch recess.(campers bring lunch)

Activities and Take Homes

Top Skills Gained Through Activities
Engineering and Design, Building Remote Control vehicles with LEGO® components, Infrared Light and Remotes, Problem-solving, Fine Motor and Spatial Skills Development

Take Homes
Students take home a mini LEGO® building kit and camp t-shirt. Note that students do not take home the daily building projects nor pieces from the class.

Camp Schedule                           

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