Summer Camps for Ages 5 - 9

Looking for a unique summer educational experience that will challenge and excite your child? Our camps teach students technology skills through fun, engaging and dynamic projects, many of which feature special LEGO® components, such as battery packs, motors and gears.

From robotics to game design, and a tech week just for girls, TechKnowHow camps provide supportive, teacher-led instruction followed by hands-on learning experiences that let students use technology in creative ways. Campers gain technical skills along with confidence as they explore, create and problem-solve.

All camps also include team-building, group games and recess activities to provide time for shared fun and a chance to get to know fellow campers.

"My child learned new building techniques and found a new passion for LEGO® motors and robotics."- Parent of a 1st grader at our Alameda camp

Best of Activity Hero 2016Best Technology Summer Camps Bay Area Parent Magazine Gold 2017This is our 23rd year of serving students and families! We recently received awards in the categories of "Best Technology Camp", "Best Math or Science Support", "Best Technology School or Program" in Bay Area Parent Magazine for 2017.

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Summer Camps 2018

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Note that some classes are offered as a half day or full day option.
Robot Adventures ages 5 - 7

Space Explorers - Ages 5 - 7

Morning camp (9am-12pm) The year is 2025. We’ll build homes, rovers, machines and spacecraft – and power them with LEGO® motors. Students learn how to incorporate gears and light bricks into projects, use battery packs and motors for power, interlock bricks for strength, and make sturdy connections with LEGO Technic® beams and pegs.

Smart Bots - Ages 5 - 7

Afternoon camp (12:30-3:30pm) Take your building skills to a new level as you make remote-controlled projects using LEGO components. Learn about gears, electric power, and motors as we create cars, animals, planes and more with LEGO Power Functions electronics and remotes. Then, learn how to maneuver obstacles by using commands to solve app-based challenges.

The classes above can be taken together for a full-day (9-3:30) camp.
Blockbuster Builds ages 6 - 8

Magic Park Imagineering - Ages 6 - 8

Combining Circuits, Robotics and LEGO® Elements

All day camp (9am-3:30pm) Learn about circuits, engineering and robotics as you design LEGO-scale creations with a Disney Park theme. Build and power a Racers car, monorail train, motorized elephant, teacup thrill ride, and locomotive. You’ll power the LEGO creations with Circuit Cubes®. In the afternoon, we’ll explore robotics using Ozobots, programmable line-following robots. We’ll finish with an engineering focus by using the K’NEX construction system to build structures and mechanical f/x with an imagineering focus.
Pok?Mania ages 7 - 9

Pokémon & Cool Creatures Robotics - Ages 7 - 9

Robotics, Game Coding and Animation

All day camp (9am-3:30pm) Build robots, create computer games, and animate virtual creatures! Begin by making and controlling creatures with the LEGO® WeDo® robotics system. Program movement using sensors, motors and software. Next, you’ll learn how to make your own computer games, such as Pokemon soccer, by using the Scratch block code programming language.

Minecrafter's Lab ages 7 - 9

Minecrafter's Lab - Ages 7 - 9

LEGO® Robotics and Minecraft Creative Building

All day camp (9am-3:30pm) Learn about robotics as you create projects from Minecraft® using LEGO® components. You’ll make a shelter with controllable gadgets, a mine with a moving spider, and other Minecrafty designs! Operate them all with programs that you create with WeDo® and Scratch® software. Plus, we’ll use Circuit Cubes to power a motorized Creeper, minecart and Minecraft Pig that we build with LEGO elements. Then, in the afternoon, explore Minecraft® in Creative Mode, building projects which teach how to design with redstone circuits.

Girls STEAM Tech ages 7 - 9

Girls STEAM Tech Camp 1 - Ages 7 - 9

All day camp (9am-3:30pm) This camp offers a workshop environment where girls can explore, tinker, dream, and create in a place of their own. Led by female instructors, girls in this Tech Camp will build robots, create a computer game, and make electronic crafts. In the morning, girls will explore robotics as they build animals and vehicles with LEGO® components and control them with programs they design using WeDo® software. In the afternoon, girls will make a story for a game world and use Scratch® drag-and-drop software to turn their ideas into an interactive computer game.
Jedi Robotics and Game Design ages 8 - 11

Galaxy Defenders - Ages 8 - 11

Robotics and Scratch Coding with a Star Wars® and SuperHeroes Theme

All day camp (9am-3:30pm) It’s time to save the galaxy! Students will design motorized robotic creatures and vehicles from the Star Wars and superhero movies using LEGO® components. Next, team up and further your robotics skills by completing missions with MakeBlock’s mBot programmable robot. You’ll use Scratch-like code blocks to control the robot. In the afternoon, design several fun space adventure computer games while learning coding fundamentals. You'll learn about loops, if/else statements, logical operators, and variables using Scratch®'s code blocks.

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